Director and script Irene Pin

Executive producer Nati Juncal Portas

Film production company Cósmica Producións

With funding from the European Union, through FEDER funds, financed as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Developed in:

AGAPI Impulsa COPROS, Tutorías AGAG para mujeres guionistas, 2020-2021, Conecta+, 2021, Conecta LAB, 2023 e LabGuion Colombia, 2023.

Terás que saltar

Coming of age | En desenvolvento | Longametraxe ficción
There is a place in the floating frequency where there is no weight as you fall. Maybe it's just those seconds when you are free. But before, you'll always "have to jump" Auden used to say. As Eli is about to move in with her boyfriend Sergio, she receives news that shakes up her universe: she has been granted a scholarship to study film in Lisbon. Two vital choices lay before her: she can leave to pursue her dream, or stay in her regular life in Santiago de Compostela. Thereafter, two parallel timelines develop from these apparent alternatives, yet gradually find common points of connection.