Director and script: Sonia Méndez
Executive producer: Nati Juncal Portas
Photography: Lucía C. Pan
Editing: Víctor H. Seoane 
Sound design: Javi Pato, David Machado
Film production company: Cósmica Producións

With funding from Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (Xunta de Galicia), Deputación da Coruña and Televisión de Galicia.

Awards and festivals: Cineuropa, Mostra de Cinema Etnográfico (award for best direction).




A poeta analfabeta

2022 | Longametraxe documental
A fascinating portrayal of Luz Fandiño. Poet, activist, feminist, nationalist and revolutionary. At 89, she is one of the living voices of Galician emigration, returning poor but with a deep awareness of her identity, her language and her gender. Luz witnessed some of the toughest realities of the 20th century. A brave woman, who was brave, an emigrant, poor and a leftist - and to this day she is still a deeply political individual and a person of exceptional humanity. How does this poet understand the world today and what moves her to still keep writing who, in spite of the shaking her hands.